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A scooter that delivers in every way

Think urban delivery, think Mymoover. Its 3 wheels and tilting rear trunk deliver stability and manoeuvrability, with a design that makes the stop-and-go riding experience easier, safer and more intuitive. Its load-bearing capacity, distributed over 3 cleverly-designed support structures, is over double that of a two-wheeled equivalent. Last, but not least , as an additional option it is available with a black box and badge reader, meaning that every Mymoover is always connected and therefore trackable (must be specified on order).  


The evolution of urban delivery

With its 3 wheels, Mymoover ensures greater road handling compared with traditional scooters - Pot holes, cobblestones and any type of obstacle including adverse weather conditions are negotiated with no problem. Each wheel is fitted with a disc brake for shorter braking distances, while the absence of a kickstand makes parking a breeze, reducing risk and effort.

The category leader

Mymoover is quite simply without rival in its category when it comes to load capacity, boasting up to double the  load of a standard two-wheeler. The front rack can carry 20 kg while the rear case has a capacity of up to 60 kg, with a total volume of 261 litres. On top of this, a central bag is available, adding another 5 kg capacity.

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Absolute stability

With its advanced tilting mechanism, the load tilts towards the rider’s body, simultaneously reducing the risk of overturning and increasing grip on bends. The pair of rear wheels further aid stability to make Mymoover a safer ride than traditional two-wheeled scooters.

Always connected

Mymoover can also be equipped with a black box that is connected to a centralised system, meaning that vehicle data is always available, both in terms of location and to help compile analysis and reports on the scooter’s performance. In the case of an accident, a rapid response function is activated.  If you require this function, you will need to specify this on order.


Mymoover can be fitted with a black box which collects and transmits vehicle data in real time to a centralised unit for processing and analysing a variety of information. And, in the case of an accident, the black box sends an emergency signal to the control base.  If you want this installed on your MyMoover please specify upon order.

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You can also choose to install a badge reader which is a driver-recognition system that can be activated by means of a card or device such as a smartphone or PDA. If you want this installed on your MyMoover please specify upon order


At just 760 mm high, the seat allows riders to rest their feet on the ground for greater safety and stability. The footrest is flat and solid and the large windshield and hand guards offer ample protection from bad weather.

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